Outbreak Pathogen is an energy boosting pre-workout formulated to get you pumped, improve muscular endurance and increase mental focus. Some of the main benefits of Outbreak Pathogen pre-workout which makes it highly potent is in relation to the ingredients used. The formula contains 6 grams of pure citrulline malate for ultimate pumps. Citrulline malate raises nitric oxide levels to enhance blood flow to the muscles making them feel and look fuller. The product also uses nootropics like julgan regia root, a natural form of DMHA and neurotransmitter enhancer choline bitartrate to help with focus. 

Another key benefit of using Pathogen include the energy surge it provides. Each serving provides 350mg of caffeine which is a decent amount of caffeine in a pre-workout. Together with theacrine and theobromine, users will be quick to feel the energy and focus helping to drive workout intensity and motivation to train.  Additionally, Pathogen includes a healthy dose of 3.2 grams of beta-alanine to assist with endurance and reduce muscle fatigue. Pathogen only requires a single dose for effects to kick in allowing trainers to push through each workout set.