Given just how jam-packed this formula is, each serving of REDCON1 Total War yields a total of 14.5g. That’s practically double the standard serving size we see in other pre-workout supplements on the market. We would however expect this, as REDCON1 Total War markets itself as a ‘complete’ formula, and therefore contains efficacious dosages of ingredients which deliver energy, focus, endurance and muscle pumps. Of each 14.5g serve of REDCON1 Total War, 11.86g are devoted to active ingredients. This leaves an impressive 18.27% of each serve devoted to flavour and sweetening agents, considering it is common for alternate products to devote more than 50% of each serve to such! So you are truly getting bang for buck with REDCON1 Total War, getting exactly what you’re paying for. The other goods news, is that REDCON1 Total War use no artificial colours!

Total War

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