Had enough of pounding the streets or treadmill?
Is it cold, wet and rainy outside?
Are the kids driving you batty with their endless energy?

Need to burn off that extra snack you maybe should not have had?

Out of breath?

Need to meet some brand new life-long friends?

Then, join the squash resurgence!


Bomaderry Squash welcomes players of all standards to the greatest cardio-vascular workout you can get, and it is actually fun to do!
Squash is recognised world-wide as the best way to get an overall fitness and improved body tone.


We have 5 freshly painted courts in action – the largest squash centre in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven region.
There is a Monday night in-house competition with all standards from beginner to expert.
There are even 3 players with artificial hips playing at very high levels.


Wednesday night (6pm-9pm) and Sunday afternoons (4-6pm) are round robin events where you play everyone who turns up- it could be the local champ or a junior learning the game.

It’s 2 games per match, then put your name back up on the whiteboard to play someone else. Play until you can’t go anymore!

More experienced players will be delighted to offer pointers on your game while you play against them.


We currently have 3 teams in the Illawarra District Squash Racquets (IDSRA) competition with home and away matches each week.
Playing against other clubs is very exciting and nerve racking at the same time, but it really improves your game.

Plus, you get to meet some really nice people from other clubs.

There are regular weekend NSW Master’s Tournaments at as well as NSW Squash Open Tournaments.

Everyone who plays in these tournaments is allocated a matrix rating- the higher your matrix, the better player you are.
Beat someone with a higher rating and you earn points.
The matrix allows organisers to match-up players with similar ratings, so you can be guaranteed of a decent workout.

To join the fun and get into the action, contact either:

Mark Allison mark@berryhavenvet.com.au  (mobile) 0418 233 985

Ivan Murray (02) 4421-3708





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